Headline of the Day

Fox News has drawn our attention to the fact that George Soros is bankrolling the leftist district attorneys who are fostering so much rioting in America’s blue cities, based on their refusal to prosecute looters and rioters.  But probably not in the way the network meant to.

Here’s what went down over at the semi-cheesy news commentary show called Outnumbered, whose format is a group of leggy women sitting on a circular sofa with some man in the news and grilling him with chick-like excited shouts and exclamations.  It’s now a Zoom thing without the leg business.  In this case, it led to a very unexpected outcome:

This is one of the weirdest exchanges I’ve ever seen on TV. @newtgingrich correctly points out that George Soros threw an unprecedented amount of money into DA races all over the country to elect radicals and Fox News basically told him to shut up. WTF? pic.twitter.com/IxwcLG2gOH— Robby Starbuck (@robbystarbuck) September 16, 2020

What an amazingly insulting way to treat a supposedly honored guest, a former speaker of the House.  Look at the shock on Newt’s face at that shutdown.  They invited him on, they asked him his take on the leftist riots in America’s blue cities, and they got an answer: Gingrich pointed out that the  riots were happening because of district attorneys, financed by George Soros, who refuse to prosecute rioting.


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