Headline of the Day

If there were an “Embarrassing Moments Museum,” Joe Biden’s campaign would deserve a wing of its own. His inane statements, his chronic confusion about his campaign, his word soup, and his straining for relevance (Cardi B? Really?) create a mountain of humiliation. The only reason Biden keeps going is that the bubble in which his caretakers envelop him prevents him from seeing himself.

But the worst thing Biden’s ever done has to be playing “Despacito” for a Hispanic audience. People immediately noticed that the sex-saturated lyrics were wildly inappropriate for Biden. It was also a pander so blatant and crude that one hopes the audience was offended. And finally, because it is such an over-the-top example of pandering, it creates a spectacular contrast with Donald Trump. Think about this: Trump never panders. He is always himself.

“Pander” is not a nice word, for it originally referred to a pimp or procurer. Or, as the Online Etymology Dictionary discreetly phrases it, an “arranger of sexual liaisons, one who caters for the lusts of others.” When politicians “pander” to various voting groups, they’re not stating their principles. They are, instead, denying their identity and values to cater to the audience’s political and social desires.

I’ve written before about Biden’s struggling with the Hispanic vote, especially in Florida. President Trump offers them the promise of unlimited economic opportunities, low crime communities, and freedom from the government’s heavy hand. The Democrats offer them a fight to the death with other special interest groups for whatever bones the Democrat politicians choose to throw their way (all of which are taxpayer-funded). Other than that, it’ll be the same old stagnant economy, the same crime-ridden communities, and the same heavy-handed government.

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