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Major Democrat media figurehead and CNN golden goose Don Lemon’s  recent interview with Hollywood star Terry Crews was a complete and utter catastrophe for the Black Lives Matter narrative. Lemon essentially – no, not essentially, literally admitted on live television that Black Lives Matter has absolutely nothing to do with 97% of black victims of violent crime. I’ll explain why after briefly reviewing Don Lemon’s shambolic performance:

First, Lemon attempted to con his guest – an ordinary if famous black man simply wondering why yet another horrendous black body-count over an American holiday weekend didn’t arouse the slightest acknowledgement from both the BLM movement and the liberal media at large – by employing a callous bait-and-switch to obscure Terry’s meaning (transcript courtesy of Breitbart who did a wonderful job extracting the conversation amidst Don Lemon’s grating penchant to interrupt and talk over his guests):

Lemon: You think Black Lives Matter, you said you think it’s an extreme movement?”

Crews: “No, this is the thing. It’s a great mantra. It’s the true mantra. Black lives do matter. But, when you’re talking about an organization, you’re talking about the leaders…’’

Crews did well not to allow functional alcoholic and alleged casual sex offender Don Lemon to imply that anyone who questions a group calling itself “Black Lives Matter” is someone that thinks black lives don’t matter. In fact, Crews drew a devastating admission out of Lemon by refusing to take his bait. Here’s the admission:

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