Headline of the Day

Let’s start with a series of rhetorical questions related to the upcoming presidential elections:

– Does a broken storefront add votes to the Democrats?– Does a burning car add votes to the Democrats?

– Does a killed or wounded policeman add votes to the Democrats?

– Does a toppled statue add votes to the Democrats?

– Does an “autonomous zone” add votes to the Democrats?

– Does a demolished synagogue or a destroyed church add votes to the Democrats?

Simple human logic suggests that the answers to all these questions are negative. Why do Democrats do all of this? Currently, the majority opinion is solidly against the rioters. Why did Democrats move from ideological gangsterism to a real one? After all, this is silly, just silly. Democrats have brought America into a post-Orwellian world, in which they demanded the presence of the police at a protest rally dedicated to defunding of police. So many police officers, abandoned by their Democrat mayors, decided to go Galt. Are Democrats complete blockheads or political duffers? What is prevailing here — (D)egeneratism or (D)ementia?

I belong to the camp of those who don’t consider Democrats idiots. This raises the question: why, then, are they slipping into this criminal quagmire? To answer this question, we need to understand how the mass disinformation media work.

Just as today’s events in the stock market are designed to maximize the value of the portfolio in about six months, the current actions of the Democrats are aimed at maximizing their political portfolio in the post-election period.

The Pan-American pogrom is happening because it looks as if the Democrats know that Trump has already won the 2020 election.

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