Headline of the Day

Many were unhappy when One Angry Gamer began cataloging every celebrity and corporation that sold out the United States to appear virtuous. People were unhappy because they wanted the ability to quietly pretend they had never done so in the first place. Companies didn’t want people to be able to navigate a simple list to see if they were promoting a very unpopular and hate-filled ideology.

In only a few short weeks, Black Lives Matter has shown to everyone in the West their true colors. Making in the process, the Traitors of America List more vital than it ever was. For soon, those that adorn it are going to begin attempting to walk back and distance themselves from their prior support.

Your typical individuals obsessed with appearing tolerant and adopting the middle ground will claim that it is a “stretch”. Even as several organizers and media outlets have begun reporting how Black Lives Matter has been hijacked by far-left extremists, who wish to abolish marriage, police, and capitalism.

In The Times’ coverage, they discuss how the Socialist Workers Party are actively hijacking the movement to stoke tensions and push for socialism. Tom Woodcock, one of the party’s members, had the following to say:

“We have to start hitting targets. It’s not going back in the box.

The leadership in Cambridge of the demonstration is going to push stuff forward and we’ve just got to do what we can to support them and then we’ve got to fan the flames and try and drive it into the trade union movement, into other parts where this young and explosive group of people can’t perhaps reach and pull — drag them kicking and screaming — sections of the unions and all the rest of it to unite on the issues that we can.”

According to the outlet, another member of the party, Mr. McFarlane, has appeared on Russia Today, claiming he is one of the movement’s organizers. Dr. Remi Adekoya, a political science lecturer at Standford, discussed how their socialist party’s involvement with Black Lives Matter would go on to destroy the movement’s credibility in the eyes of the populous.

“It could turn the British population against the BLM movement and that is going to come back and bite us — people of colour. It’s not going to bite white members of the Socialist Workers Party.”

“The SWP involvement is a threat to the Black Lives Matter movement. The SWP will be hoping this turns into something bigger than race relations in Britain — they will want to take into something broader, like bringing down capitalism, on the wave of support for the BLM movement.”

In the Financial Review’s analysis of Black Lives Matter, they have concluded Anti-Semitic, Anti-Racists are co-opting the movement. What do they use to justify this accusation? A few things: Firstly, Jewish Shops and Synagogues in Los Angeles were destroyed and vandalized by Black Lives Matter rioters who graffitied many of the sites with the phrase “Free Palestine.”

In Paris, according to the outlet, protesters wore shirts and held signs with the following slogans:

“Israel, laboratory of police violence”, “Who is the terrorist?”, “Palestine to the Palestinians! Boycott Israel!’’, and “Stop collaboration with Israeli State terrorism”

Does any of that make the Black Lives Matter Anti Semitic? According to Jewish leaders, it does.

Newsweek has run a piece where they simply report on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s claims of how the “movement” has been “hijacked by extremists intent on violence.” Along with a series of tweets, the prime minister made in defense of Winston Churchill, who helped destroy the only actual Fascist Nation on Earth: Italy.

Laurence Fox has proclaimed Black Lives Matters has been “hijacked by cynical actors.” and has seen his writings signal boosted and carried by other outlets. In The Spectator he writes:

My conclusion is that this tragic situation has become part of another narrative, a series of stories wound together to serve a broader societal aim. Righteous global outrage at a cruel and vile killing has morphed into a different agenda. Similar things have happened with other movements; #MeToo,Extinction Rebellion, Brexit, even the Covid-19 pandemic. The left rightly expose great chasms of inequality and hypocrisy in society — then proceed to throw themselves like lemmings into that void, unable to obey their own edicts. Desperately important causes have been politicised to the point of meaninglessness, opportunities for action hijacked swiftly by the cynical actors. No human being could fail to be appalled by what happened to George Floyd. We were united in our outrage. But what could have been a moment for unity has instead torn us apart.

All injustice needs our collective and righteous anger. But the pursuit of that justice should bring us together, not divide us. Not social justice, not climate justice, not black justice. Just justice.

Though it is disagreeable, these movements were never anything other than catalysts for various agendas exploiting those who are concerned with or are actual victims of specific problems; he does raise a fair point. Unfortunately, it was evident for years Black Lives Matter was hijacked.

In 2016 prominent vocal advocate in the disparities in outcomes in Minnesota schools Rashad Anthony Turner left the organization claiming it had been hijacked.

“For me, it was a question of integrity,” Turner explained, saying Black Lives Matter had been “hijacked.” “Being that I am all for charter schools and ed reform, and as someone who is seeking educational justice for students and families, I could no longer be under that banner of Black Lives Matter.

“Stepping outside of that banner personally meant that I needed to step down from a leadership role and any affiliation with Black Lives Matter if I’m going to do a great job in education and fighting for educational justice.”

There are numerous other examples of activists and political analysts claiming the movement has been hijacked and transformed into a vehicle to push Marxism. Rev. Timothy McDonald III spoke out back in May of how extremists had hijacked the George Floyd protests.

“Those are not our people down there,” McDonald said of the mostly young protesters, many of them black, who looted Atlanta’s tony Buckhead district in the early hours of Saturday. “They would throw a brick at me, that group.”

Harvard University philosophy professor Cornel West, cited in the same LA Times article, appeared on “Anderson Cooper 360,” where he complained about Trump being a Neo-Fascist who did not share the wealth, power, or respect with the black community. Going on to say:

“If we don’t get that kind of sharing, you’re going to get more violent explosions.”

Then there is Black Lives Matter calling for a boycott of “White Capitalism” this Christmas. As apparently, black children do not enjoy getting gifts and spending time with their families.

It doesn’t end there. Patrisse Cullors, one of the co-founders of Black Lives Matter, said in a 2015 video that she was a trained Marxist.

“The first thing, I think, is that we actually do have an ideological frame. Myself and Alicia in particular are trained organizers.

We are trained Marxists. We are super-versed on, sort of, ideological theories. And I think that what we really tried to do is build a movement that could be utilized by many, many black folk,”

That is not her only time proclaiming her support for Marxism. According to the New York Post, during the promotion of her book “When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir,” she described her introduction and continued support of Marxism.

There can be no doubt that the promotion of Black Lives Matter is the promotion of anti-western Marxism. Yet what has the movement achieved thus far? Only death, destruction, and actions that will only lead to further death and destruction.

First, looking at the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, we have numerous reports of rape and assault that were regarded as the Summer of Love by the Mayor of the City. Only after five shootings and the insurrectionists showing up on the Mayor’s doorstep did she order the insurrection to be brought to an end with the use of the national guard and city police. Before being dismantled, two people died during the shootings. The last and most frequently referenced occurring with over 300 rounds fired by the insurrectionists at teenagers fleeing into the zone after hijacking a car.

In Minneapolis, the group achieved Yong Yea’s desire and completely abolished the police. Not before granting private security to the city council.

What repercussions have emerged because of this action? On June 21st, the city experienced a mass shooting that resulted in 11 injured and one dead. Powderhorn Park, the first area to see the police defunded, is now a haven for crime following the immigration of hundreds of homeless into the area.

Don’t lament their fate, though. This is the ultra woke section of the city that most wanted the police removed, as reported by The Blaze. Now they spend each day living in fear because there is no more security provided to the area to prevent criminals from running rampant.

New York City, who has demoralized and defunded their police, has seen a massive spike in crime. The city has now seen over 500 shootings so far this year, as reported by ABC News, with 150 of them happening in the first week of June, as detailed by Fox News. Violent crime is on the rise throughout the city, with many areas now being dubbed “lawless” as the police are unable to respond to incidents.

In Atlanta, an 8-year-old girl was shot and killed near a Black Lives Matter protest. Forcing the Democrat Mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, to declare “Enough is enough.” She went on to issue the following statement:

“You can’t blame this on a police officer, you can’t say this is about criminal justice reform, this is about some people carrying some weapons who shot up a car with an 8-year-old baby. We are doing each other more harm than any police officer on this force.”

Atlanta has seen a significant spike in crime through June. Compared to the proceeding year, murders are up 86%, aggravated assaults are up 22%, and burglaries are up 14%. Currently, the city’s Mayor is calling to defund the police, and the Democrat prosecutor is moving ahead with felony murder charges against the cop in the Rayshard Brooks shooting.

Despite Rayshard Brooks assaulting and injuring one officer, the prosecution has dubbed the shooting “unjustified”. Resulting in police developing what is known as the Blue Flu. Basically, because of Democrat-controlled police unions, officers are not allowed to protest, or they risk their job. Their only option is to then suddenly develop a rapid onset illness and call in sick—something many officers have done, resulting in a shortage of police.

When Atlanta reached out to surrounding areas to see if they could help make up the difference, the city was told to pound sand. Every county refused to send officers to the city. Thus even though the city has not formally defunded the police, it is functioning as if it has.

This is what these corporations and individuals advocated for. All the death, the loss of livelihoods, the perpetual state of fear in their own neighborhoods, is the direct result of what the traitors wanted for America.

They did not want to abolish the Crime Act of ’94, nor did they want to end the War on Drugs. Thus eliminating the most egregious of laws, the police are mandated to enforce. None of them tried to eliminate police unions, so officers could stand up against the corruption and bad actors without fearing losing their livelihood.

Instead, they wanted to push Marxism, destroy “White Capitalism,” and create absolute lawlessness.

At a certain point, they need to be culpable for the misery and suffering they have inflicted on not just black families, but this country and beyond. All so they can sit back and act as if they are the virtuous ones. All so they can appear socially conscious to drive more sales and look good in their gated communities.

As the toll rises, you will start to see individuals and corporations begin to walk back their support. Some will attempt to quietly move on, hoping people will just forget. Thanks to the Traitors of America List that is unlikely to happen.