Headline of the Day

Joe Biden may have risen to the top of the Democratic heap because of his connection to Barack Obama but things have changed since he was vice president. He may have seemed qualified for the presidential gig before because of his ability to remain moderate in the face of growing political divisions.

The Democrats are now coming to terms with the fact that he is not the man they thought he was. While they have been doing everything in their power to ignore the obvious, even some of the Democrats are starting to acknowledge the elephant in the room. Joe Biden is rapidly losing his marbles in front of our very eyes. According to a reporter from a Washington, D.C. news site, the Democrats are doing their best to grapple with the mess that they have created. A reporter for a Washington, D.C., political news site says Democrats are well aware that Joe Biden “does not have the mental acuity that he even had a couple of years ago.”

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