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“I WANT MY CITY BACK” They are not Peaceful Protestors. They are Criminals.

by Linda Jordan, ©2020

(Jul. 5, 2020) — There was a horrific scene on I-5 in Seattle yesterday morning. Two women, unlawful BLM et al protestors, were hit by a car while blocking the freeway. Sadly one died last night, Summer Taylor; the other is in critical condition.

Who is responsible for this completely avoidable tragedy? While awaiting the outcome of an official investigation into the driver, who is black, and the incident I can name four.

1. BLM et al, the lawless protestors, for blocking the freeway.

“The First Amendment does not protect speech that is combined with the violation of established laws such as trespassing, disobeying or interfering with a lawful order by a police officer.” (the ACLU) Why does BLM et al think they have the right to block streets, highways and freeways? I would really like to know. Who taught them that? Their Marxist founders? Obama community organizers? Their free legal aid lawyers?

BLM et al occupy streets and freeways to disrupt the lives of as many people as possible, to disrupt businesses, to force a violent confrontation with law enforcement and to make citizens angry enough to attack them. Hopefully white racists. But that’s redundant. They could gather at any number of open spaces or get a permit to march in the street, but that would be a peaceful assembly, a peaceful protest, and that is not what they want. So they use lawlessness and violence to force their political agenda on the rest of us. They want a revolution, a war, and barricading streets is their primary weapon.

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