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Past midnight on July 4th, a group of Black Lives Matter protestors in Seattle congregated on Interstate I-5, parking their cars on the highway to protest alleged police racism and to advocate for defunding police departments. Seattle authorities had shut down the highway hours earlier by blocking entrances to allow the illegal protest to carry on without interruption.

The roadblock protest was being live streamed by members sitting behind the parked cars in the otherwise empty road when suddenly a woman alerted the mob to an incoming car. It soon became clear that the car was not going to stop, and more warnings are heard from the mob. Dozens of protestors, clad in black, dashed out from behind several black cars and onto the shoulder of the highway, the only possible path for the incoming vehicle to avoid a collision. Video footage taken from a nearby apartment balcony shows the incoming vehicle decelerating and swerving to avoid the protestors swarming into its path, unfortunately hitting two protestors head on, catapaulting them into the air.

Cries of panic are heard from the mob, followed by screams of “Call the Police!” — whom they were protesting moments earlier. Additional cell phone footage shows protestors languishing over the slow response of 911 operators and expressing frustration with the lack of help from a police vehicle parked within eyesight of the roadblock.

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