Headline of the Day

The Deep State seems to be distracting from Black Lives Matter as BLM is being exposed for collecting donations for for the DNC (the last time they worked the “racist” issue and donation con was for the 2016 elections). Check out violent militia 2.0. They didn’t like the driver snickering at their pretense.

They strut around in their costumes, posturing and their spokesknave tells the driver that he’s the driver’s “worst nightmare” and accuses him of beating black people wherever he goes and asks “where’s my reparations?”  They are strait out of CIA central casting, here to play a role in creating artificial divide. The Deep State needs MOAR division among Americans. They want photo ops and riots. Too many black Americans are coming forward to say they don’t support “the narrative” so the Deep State is “on it”, creating farce 2.0.

The driver got it exactly right. When accused of beating black people he asked dryly, “Oh, really?”

VIDEO: https://twitter.com/w_terrence/status/1279943835360071682