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In the eight minute video below, we see Black Lives Matter protestors using physical force to prevent regular black people from buying groceries at Wal-Mart in Arkansas.

Alexis Wainwright, the young lady doing the narration in the video, tries very hard to give us an objective view of what is going on. She tries very hard not to take sides. Good for her. She’d make a great reporter.

I’m not a reporter. My blog is not a news website. It’s an opinion website. Everything that I say here is my own opinion.

And I just want to say that in my opinion, what Black Lives Matter is doing here is absolutely despicable.

Using physical force to prevent regular black people from buying groceries does not do anything to help black lives. On the contrary, since black people need to buy groceries, and since black people work at Wal-Mart, Black Lives Matter is hurting, not helping, black lives.

And if – gosh forbid – Black Lives Matter was somehow able to force these Wal-Marts to permanently close, I have no doubt that Black Lives Matter would then accuse Wal-Mart of being “racist” for not wanting to open stores in black neighborhoods.

In general, the radical left wing jerks who try the hardest to either shut down current Wal-Marts or prevent new Wal-Marts from opening, are the same radical left wing jerks who claim that food deserts are caused by “racism.”

In the real world, food deserts are not caused by racism. In the real world, food deserts are caused by crime, shoplifting, looting, arson, and other criminal activities which are tolerated, and even supported, by the radical left. For example, after the recent nationwide riots began, Marielle Segarra wrote this article, which is called, “Neighborhoods where stores were destroyed become food deserts overnight.”

Black lives matter. Black lives need food. Black lives needs jobs. Using physical force to shut down a Wal-Mart prevents black people from being able to get the food and jobs that they need. Black Lives Matter does not care about black lives.

Here’s the video:

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