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The leadership of BLM has made clear that only one thing will cause them to stop the looting and rioting — Trump’s defeat…… But why? Have Trump’s policies created more jobs for black people, Hispanics, and women than ever before? They did, at least until the global pandemic hit. Trump rarely passed up a chance to say how proud he was of that accomplishment.

Have Trump’s policies moved more black people from welfare to work than during Barack Obama’s eight years? Yes.

Did Trump sign landmark legislation to put more money, more regularly, into historic black colleges? Well, yes. Yes, he did.

Did Trump push through criminal justice reform so fewer black people go to prison for minor offenses? He did.

Is Trump bucking the powerful teachers unions to give black families more choices in deciding where to send their children to school? He absolutely is.

Yet Trump is somehow the problem. BLM wants Trump out of the White House in favor of Biden, who did none of these things during his six terms in the Senate and two terms as vice president. In fact, in many cases, Joe was part of the problem.

Until Trump became president, too many in both parties had largely given up solving the real problems of black Americans. Democrats attempted to buy their votes, and Republicans, reeling from constant partisan accusations of racism, seldom addressed black voters at all.

Trump did something few politicians have done in recent times, Republican or Democrat… He kept his promises!

Black Lives Matter isn’t primarily concerned with making black lives more prosperous, more independent, safer, or more full of hope and opportunity. To find someone who’s actually worked to do those things, you have to look to Trump.

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