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Fed up with Defund the Police? Worried that hordes of “peaceful protestors” might soon show up to burn and pillage your neighborhood? Want to make your views known but unsure where to begin?

Here’s a way to hit back: DEFUND THE UNIVERSITIES.

It’s no secret that much of the radical ideology fueling the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots are the product of our dysfunctional higher educational system. Universities today are almost 100% hard left-wing bubbles, openly hostile to any conservative thought. They are intolerant of opposing opinions, the very opposite of the kind of dialogue intended for higher education, and so desperately needed today. These Molotov-cocktail wielding radicals are the end product of years of propaganda from left-wing professors.

Colleges may hate conservatives, but they will be forced to listen – and change – if you target their pocketbooks. And colleges and universities are vulnerable, especially with the current double-whammy of lower student enrollment and the coronavirus taking its toll.

Here’s a modest outline of how to begin. Ideally some enterprising legislator will help to put these into law. If BLM can force “radical change” on society why can’t conservatives push through a few modest proposals of our own?

Stop Donating:

Every alumnus should write to their college ASAP to state that not a single penny will be given until things change significantly. This is your chance to be heard, so let them have it with both barrels! (I’ve attached my letter to Duke below). In fact, go it one better and tell them that you will do your best to convince other alumni to stop donating as well. We are in an ideological war – you need to show them whose side you are on.

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