Headline of the Day

I’ve seen an argument on right-leaning sites pointing out that BLM is racist against white people. While BLM is certainly guilty of that, the movement is actually racist in the old-fashioned, Ku Klux Klan way, as mentored through a century of life by Old Mr. Jim Crow himself. It’s racist, in other words, not so much to white people, but to the black people it claims to champion.

It takes as a first position a concept of the African-American male as without agency. He is without impulse control, without self-restraint, with tendencies toward violence, rape, murder, and inability to conceive of consequences. No old seg could have phrased it better.

That being the case, it implies that the police must be prepared to accept such behavior as the norm. Thus, when confronted by a clearly under-the-influence perpetrator like George Floyd, it is incumbent on them not to confront and restrain as part of the process, but to give him room and time to act out. He can’t help himself; they can.

In their ideal world, the police officers withdraw across the street and observe as Floyd rants and raves and carries on while zephyrs of fentanyl drive him into deep tantrum at the unfairness of it all. Eventually, he will tire himself out, come down, begin to recover his self-awareness. At that point, a non-white officer should approach him, request his acquiescence on the legal issue, and escort him peacefully and uncuffed to the station.

That should make everyone happy, except those whose police calls went unanswered while the blues were handling Floyd with BLM-Rx TLC, and all the victims of all the young men who see the cops acting like both nannies and ninnies and decide, there being no downside, that crime is a good career move.

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