Headline of the Day

All of these things have been done by the cultural and political left over the last 50 years.

The first thing you would do is take control of the education system and teach children that they are living in an evil country. Then you would undermine the police, the military, and law enforcement. You’d use every opportunity you can to divide people by race, religion, and class.

You would attack churches, too. You’d teach children that there is no God, thus eliminating an important way of transcending racial tension, which is the knowledge that we are all created equal by that God. You would take prayer out of schools and systemically try to eliminate religion from the public square. And then you’d tell people that the churches represent a form of modern fascism and must be condemned and closed. And you would try to elevate science in place of the transcendent. It wouldn’t be objective science — but a politicized science that serves only to reaffirm the socialist mindset.

You wouldn’t stop at the church — you would weaken as many bedrock institutions as possible.

You would defund the military and police, leaving us vulnerable to enemies abroad and criminals within. You would turn the media into a propaganda arm of the progressive mindset, where objective truth no longer matters. Blinded by greed, you would invite foreign adversaries in to take over sensitive industries, such as telecommunications. You would wash out the foundation of America, the family, and act like men are superfluous to the raising of children. You would convince people that killing their unborn children is a human right and the very essence of being a woman instead of the barbaric reality of infanticide.

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