Headline of the Day

It’s important for voters to know why Biden is being tested, by whom and why.

After all, it is not just Trump supporters who have questioned Joe Biden’s ability to navigate the rigors of the campaign trail, and the presidency. His competitors during the primary battle raised concerns, as have other Democrats and pundits on the Left.

It was Democratic contender Julian Castro who, during a testy and memorable debate moment, asked Biden whether he had already forgotten what he said two minutes earlier about health care. As one columnist wrote at the time about Castro’s insinuation that Biden’s memory was failing, “The elephant in the room has been addressed.”

Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), also a rival, backed Castro up, saying “a lot of people” are concerned about Biden’s “fumbling.”

That was the debate in which Biden suggested parents should “have the record player on at night…”

In the poll in which nearly 4 in 10 likely voters thought Biden was experiencing some cognitive impairment, some 20 percent of Democratic likely voters and 30 percent of unaffiliated likely voters agreed with that assessment. Also, 61 percent of those polled think Biden needs to address the dementia issue publicly.

So, not just Fox News commentators and not just Trump supporters.

How else, after all, to explain Biden’s infrequent give-and-takes not only with reporters, but even with funders? Why else would a Democratic standard-bearer turn down an interview with the left-wing New York Times, as Biden did in April. Why is Jill Biden seemingly more likely to speak for the candidate than the candidate himself? Why are Democrats dumbing down their convention, so that it becomes a non-event? Why won’t they allow a fourth debate with President Trump?

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