Headline of the Day

It’s admittedly somewhat dispiriting – the idea that we’re going into the 244th anniversary of Independence Day with so little to celebrate in the context of our nation’s current status and future. For some, our annual Independence Day celebrations may have been just another day off of work, but for many more, it was a day in which we could spend time with friends and family, taking stock of our blessings and our gratitude for living in the greatest nation humanity had ever established.

As July 4 approaches, we’re also seeing a new form of exploitation of the racial tension that has plagued America since May 25, when a black man was killed by a police officer in Minneapolis in the clearest case of police brutality we’ve ever seen on video. As we know, this tragic occurrence has been taken advantage of by communists and anarchists in a dedicated effort to catalyze a socialist revolution.

As people begin to forget who George Floyd even was, leftists have nevertheless become emboldened and are revealing more and more of their true agenda. Most readers of this column will be aware that this has nothing to do with justice for George Floyd, racism or police reform. These are simply pretexts for burning “the system” down.

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