Headline of the Day

It has become apparent that many in the media, and the progressive socialists in the Democrat Party have kneeled at the altar of Black Lives Matter. Corporations throughout the country have thrown money by the boatload to BLM. Sadly, corporations feel they must virtue signal what many of them don’t believe, debasing any reasonable discussion about the steps that need to be taken to move forward.

An organization such as BLM has occupied the streets and targeted police forces who have accused white law enforcement of killing blacks on a random basis, challenging the social culture of our country. These are the people who have chanted, “What do we want? Dead Cops, when do we want it NOW.” And “Pigs in a blanket, fry like bacon.” In many cases, BLM calls for the conviction of law enforcement offices without any trial or investigation.

The foundation of BLM is informative. BLM was founded in 2013 by three Marxist-Leninist revolutionaries. These were how they described themselves then, and nothing has changed. The icon of BLM is Assata Shakur, who has fled to Cuba after killing New Jersey officer Werner Foerster. Shakur even went so far as to walk over to where Forester was lying after being wounded and summarily executed him as he lay bleeding out on the street. Black Lives Matter speaks of Shakur as “our beloved Assata Shakur.”

The Communist Manifesto also makes up part of BLM’s ideology, with the line “We have nothing to lose but our chains.” The BLM movement claims to be protesting the inequality brought on by the American system of capitalism and the catch-all “white supremacy.” Does the question then become why is black on black crime, which kills so many black young men in Chicago, Los Angeles, Baltimore, and other Progressive socialist run cities? Blaring that all whites are racist and blacks are the victims, they denounce such slogans as “All Lives Matter,” as seen in Congress’s halls just the other day. The black law enforcement officers killed in the performance of their duties are never protested. BLM believes if you are black and become a law enforcement officer, you are no longer black but blue and therefore deserve to die according to the leader of BLM New York. Their bias refuses to allow them to see that the number of violent crimes committed by black males is proportional to the number of blacks in violent encounters with the law.

It was Obama that invited BLM to the White House knowing all this. It was Obama that declares that BLM would take America to new heights. Obama even made a Public announcement supporting this racist and violent group, and agreed with the false realities and hostile attitude against law enforcement. Obama supported this vigilante group and decided that there was no path to reconciliation and to fight for everyone who disagreed with his pronouncements that Black Lives Matter spoke for all.

It was the Democratic National Committee that passed a resolution in 2015 endorsing the Black Lives Matter movement, basing the decision of the “extrajudicial killings of African-American men, women, and children. Not mentioned by Obama or the DNC was the ambush attack on law enforcement officers that killed five and wounded nine others in Dallas by a black racist veteran named Micah Johnson.

The officers were there to protect the protesters. At the funeral for the officers, Obama spent the majority of his time lecturing the officers pushing the BLM lie of the racism in the country’s law enforcement agencies. It was the Black Lives Matter movement and the complicit media that triggered Micah Johnson. The blood is on their hands but never expressed in public because it does not fir the narrative pushing for “white guilt.”

Identity politics, the boogeyman that Obama pushed from his day in office, has divided the country. Corporations fund organizations such as Dream Defenders, The Freedom Road Socialist Organization, Right to the City Alliance, Communist Party USA, and Just Cause, all of which share the same visions as BLM. These groups and many other progressive socialist organizations are funded by large corporations such as the Ben & Jerrys Foundation, The Ford Foundation, and George Soros’s Open Society Foundation, which gave BLM $33 million. That is a lot of monies for an organization that is supposed to be anti-capitalism.

These foundations and corporations freely give money to BLM, an organization that has embraced allegiance to Islamic Terrorists who have called for the destruction of Jews and Christians in the United States. In August 2015, BLM founder Patrisse Cullors and members of the Dream Defender organization went to Palestine and signed an alliance with Hamas, the leading terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip. This endorsement also aligns with progressive Socialist governors to keep churches and synagogues closed using the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse. Many of these same governors marched in protests over the past few weeks, many without a mask.

Black Lives Matter ha moved into the realm that whites are now considered inferior and Must acknowledge “white supremacy” and “white privilege” nebulous terms with no facts. Not concerned with the horrific destruction of the riots supposedly in the name of George Floyd, they refuse to discuss what needs to be done to work towards a more just society without an inquisition that enforces the progressive socialist views that they hold so dear.

Black Lives Matter cannot understand that the vast majority of our country, both black and white are not racists. BLM needs to use racism as a political weapon. They refuse to look at the facts as they are. In 2020, 2 Native Americans, 9 Asians, 46 Hispanics, 76 Blacks, 149 unknown, and 149 Whites were killed. Of the black number listed above, nine were unarmed.

Black lives Matter, in cooperation with the media, do not want reconciliation of a feeling or working together. The sins of the past, on both sides, need to be forgiven. Forcing anyone to choose sides as the oppressor and oppressed is all that Black Matter Lives has to continue to bludgeon the citizens of this country. Black Lives Matter will never denounce the intimidation and confrontation that is nothing more than the same steps that torn the Russian populace in 1917. These confrontations will continue and could erupt in violence if not contained. It has come to the point where even libraries have been burned in California. These libraries are part of a commitment to help every generation to move forward with no regard to skin color.

Black Lives Matter also intends to disrupt the family structure that has helped to move everyone black and white, forward. Parents’ rights are to be abolished for a collective society. Many studies done since the 1960s, it has been shown that fatherless households in neighborhoods cause higher crime rates, higher drug usage, more abortion, higher dropout rates, and higher poverty rates. The ” What we Believe” Page at BLM goes so far as excluding the word “father,” and claiming that fathers denigrate male influence to push an LBGT environment. Rev. Bill Owens, president of the Coalition of African American Pastors, has made known that racial strife still exists in our country because progressive socialist policies have torn apart the family structure of the nuclear black family. And it seems not all black lives matter, as BLM wholeheartedly demands that abortions, which murder a majority of black children, have no regulation.

Black Lives Matter at their webpage has a donation button that sends you to an “Act Blue” donations page. This is not surprising, as the progressive socialist Democrats had to find someone to lead the “revolution.” The decided on Black Lives Matter because they felt BLM allowed them to force whites in the country to be pummeled with ”white guilt.” That is why we see whites kneeling, bowing, and washing the feet of the black terrorists who wish to destroy our country. Black Lives Matter is to be the arm of the progressive socialists that works the propaganda that BLM n the Leftists, and the media is inundating the citizens of this country with their false reality. They also collaborate with Antifa to assure that those who disagree will lose their jobs, and be made to apologize for not agreeing with the false reality of the identity politics that they espouse. The main message that they want the American people to understand is, ” You will bow down, you will surrender because it is the right thing to do and we will destroy you if you don’t.” Ignored by the media, this concept will not end well. It is a relic of Mao’s Cultural Revolution. Using a false history like the 1619 Project being pushed upon all our children that the liberal teachers’ unions control, these progressive socialists will not allow objections.

They will not allow facts that show the reality they try to ignore because they can’t and won’t argue facts. They seem to believe that violence against those that oppose them will make the objection moot. If you are afraid to stand up to the lies, it makes it easier to control you. The people of this country understand that we have the freedom of speech and will not bend to their will. They can not afford to admit that Chicago, a bastion of progressive socialism and other leftist controlled cities, has devolved to nothing but carnage created by 50 years of Democrat rule. The blood of young men is flowing in the streets of Chicago, New York, Newark, St. Louis, and many other cities under progressive socialist Democrat control. It is black on black crime that kills a majority of black men.

Racial pandering is all the democrats have left. More and more African-Americans are starting to understand that they have been lied to by the Democrats who fought racial segregation for years—the same party who was responsible for the KKK. The Democrats have been exploiting the blacks for over 50 years and continue to foster racial divisiveness, social chaos, and anarchy to make the country divided and submissive. Pelosi, Schumer, and a fair amount to Democrats made a show of kneeling wearing the Kenta cloth of the Ghanian tribe who instigated and implemented the slave trade.

They call themselves woke, but more woke are such people as Shaun King, an activist who may have seen the light. Discussing the vote of African Americans, King asked that progressive socialists to stop telling blacks to vote. He showed where voting Democrat is hurting the black citizens of our country. Pointing out that the Democrats control the cities with the worst police brutality in America, it may be what some hear to understand that the progressive socialists want the chaos and anarchy they are attempting to bring to our country.

Black Lives Matter and other progressive socialist groups, along with the media and politicians, need to understand that America will never submit. We are made of sterner stuff. They must be made to realize that Americans, black or white, want equality and liberty to make the choice they want. The freedom and democracy that we have in this country are colorblind, and so are the people who move this country forward.