Headline of the Day

No matter what we may think about race relations in America, the awful death of George Floyd, the usual black leaders who some call defenders of justice and others call race hucksters, or the dreadful predicament of too many of those of color and non-color in America, we are beginning to realize race, the nuclear bomb of politics, is being tossed about with abandon for a reason other than race. That reason is Marxism.

Marxism is the duct tape of ideologies. It solves all problems. Class structure? Marxism fixes that! Labor movement? It really moves with Marx! Income distribution? Flattened! Sexism? Nonexistent! Healthcare? Free! Genderism? All are equal! Education. Available for all! Workers’ paradise? But of course, comrade! And the environmental crisis? Got it!

Marxism and its variants not only distort history, ignore human nature, and seek to make man a cog in a great collective machine, it is also the most devious, mutating, deceptive dogma since Milton fully exposed Beelzebub in Paradise Lost. Today we hear about true socialists being elected to Congress, witness a “Social” Democrat run for President (as Bernie would say, “a ‘Social Democrat’ not a Socialist”) and read that about half of youth in America think capitalism has run its course – time for the elixir!

Yet socialism, communism, or whatever Marx had in mind, comes with a difficult history of millions killed, millions starved, and lives of pure misery. When things don’t work out, the solution for Marxists is always the same: kill history. Still, Marxism is like everything else today, it requires views, eyes, and clicks on digital media. And, it needs to stir people to action. Marxism is a total plan (amorphous, imprecise, and unclear, but … a total plan so total is it totalitarian). But that plan requires Hope and Change.

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