Headline of the Day

#3,841 I think this vid gives a good overview of what happened. It starts with some crazy woman saying ANY SUV THAT COMES NEAR US YOU NEED TO SHOOT THEM SHOOT ALL THE SUVS IT COULD BE ALL OF THEM etc etc At 0: 45 you hear screaming tires and at around 1:00 the jeep crashes and gunshots start. I marked the place where the jeep crashes. On the pic the crash already occurred.

Rumor is that there was a shootout before with another group. That’s why the crazy woman yells to shoot any suv that comes near. 14 and 16-year old kids stole a jeep and decided to do some joyriding at CHAZ/CHOP, got mixed up for being the wrong guys, were even unarmed and got shot from different sides. The 16 year old driver got executed with a bullet in the head, 14 year old also was attacked with an axe (edit) ice axe. CHAZ/CHOP destroyed/tampered evidence to hide this. It’s not confirmed yet. And what did the other SUV do that they decided to shoot at any other SUV?

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