Headline of the Day

This is a big deal.

Many of us who have listened to or watched Fox News over the years are familiar with civil rights attorney Leo Terrell. I always dismissed him as an annoying blowhard whose spouting of Democrat talking points were used by the hosts as a contrasting foil and for entertainment value.

Last Sunday, I was surprised to find that Mark Levin did not share that view, and, in fact, held Mr. Terrell in high regard. Who knew?

I had heard Mr. Terrell (perhaps on Tucker Carlson’s show) talking sense, for a change, on Democrats, race, and Black Lives Matter, but I gave it little heed or credit.

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell went on a tweetstorm today. Democrats should take notes…. A few weeks ago, he began giving scorching commentary against BLM and Democrats….He hasn’t said he’d vote for President Trump until today when he went on a social media rant against Democrats. “If the presidential election was held today, I would vote for #DonaldTrump. America Is more important than party loyalty.”

If the Democrats have lost Leo Terrell, they’ve lost Black Americans, to say nothing of the rest of civilized America!

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