Headline of the Day

Are we witnessing the beginning of the end of Western civilization? Based on recent events, it would be hard to argue otherwise. As the mindless mob tears its way through what remains of a once-great culture, the twisted ideology it is imposing along the way – the belief (or at least pretend belief) of which is mandatory on pain of one’s livelihood and societal good-standing – is one that is the polar opposite of observable reality.

Racist police officers running rampant, just looking for black men to murder; a racist country full of racists looking to hate and keep people down simply for the color of their skin; a criminal justice system geared and just itching to unjustly prosecute and disproportionately punish black offenders simply because they are black; a nation of laws unfairly tilted towards white people; an entire system built by and based on “systemic structural racism” that doesn’t allow people of color to get ahead in society no matter what they do … NONE of these exist, not in any measurable, widespread, systemic, non-overcomeable way, and yet one counters them with truth at one’s own peril.

We are also to believe that the greatest civilization mankind has produced, one that has resulted over time in the greatest enjoyed freedoms in all of human history and almost every conceivable invention that created the modern world and improved life for billions is evil and rotten to its core. We must believe that since Western culture once practiced slavery, as did every other race and culture, we and only we must somehow “atone” for it, not by fighting a war resulting in hundreds of thousands of dead and correcting our laws to make equality under the law a reality, but by some sort of race-based transference of resources that has nothing to do with the actual, long-dead victims of slavery.

In what has become a tragic pattern of the current ‘opposite world reality,’ those who would impose their twisted will on society use individual instances of injustice, like what happened to George Floyd, to paint an untrue, grim picture of reality that stirs up the mindless mob, which in turn bullies everyone else into submitting to the lie either by agreement or fear-based non-resistance. Tragically, we’ve watched it play out in slow motion over the past month, like a horrific train wreck that can’t be slowed or stopped.

Somehow, almost overnight, the group known as Black Lives Matter and its ideological allies have become the most dominant political force in America. Somehow, a cause only the leftist third of the Democratic Party would have aligned itself with only two months ago has become the de facto cultural religion of a generation, adhered to by every Democrat and feared and virtually unopposed by every Republican who hasn’t overtly bent the knee already.

And even more remarkably, they’ve managed to do it all sparked by a worldview that’s a demonstrable lie and pushing a radical leftist agenda that would, were it to succeed, destroy the very foundations of Western civilization. A key stated goal of Black Lives Matter is to “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement.” Far from encouraging fatherhood, a necessary component of a stable society for thousands of years and a key missing ingredient in so many African-American communities, this radical group seeks to, uh, “collectively care for one another,” because communism has always worked so well.

It also seeks to eliminate so-called “economic injustice,” but how? Given that we currently live in a capitalist society where people enjoy the fruits of their own labors, one can only surmise that the mechanisms by which BLM and other Marxist-inspired groups mean to accomplish their goals is to “burn down” the current system, as BLM leader Hawk Newsome told Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum last week, and apparently replace it with a Communist/Marxist hellscape.

“I just want black liberation and black sovereignty by any means necessary,” Newsome said, as if blacks are literally enslaved right now. But they’re not, not even close. In fact, black people in America are more prosperous than anywhere else in the world. What these Marxists don’t care to understand, however, is that equality under the law and equality of opportunity won’t always equal equality of result. But trying to achieve that equality of result by legalized theft and brute force instead of hard work will always lead to blowback, strife, and more racism in the end. How do we know this? Because it’s been tried, and it has failed, and millions upon millions have died.

Speaking of the rise of Black Lives Matter, black conservative radio host Larry Elder said, “It is pretty impressive how powerful they’ve become, and if you look at some of the written demands that they’ve made over the past few years, it’s pretty clear this is all about transferring property from white people to black people. It’s the same premise as is reparations. The extraction of property and money from people who were never slave owners to be given to people who were never slaves. So the whole thing is ridiculous.”

Make no mistake, the roots of the Black Lives Matter movement is Marxist to the core. Far from obtaining real justice for black people or anyone else, its ultimate aim is to steal, kill, and destroy, and to burn Western civilization to the ground. If you want to know what sort of society they’d replace it with, you only need to look to the histories of Bolshevik Russia or Maoist China. Bending the knee to these jackals may provide some temporary relief, but it’s a decision you may ultimately pay for with your life.