Headline of the Day

Forget the bizarre and evil concept of national original sin that is the malignant idea that America is built upon “systemic racism.” America’s true systemic flaw, arising at the time of those miserable progressives of yesteryear and continuing up through the miserable progressives of this rotten year, is what we now call “liberalism.”

Oh, it’s not classical liberalism, with its concern for expanding economic and personal rights – you know, individual liberty. The current inverted mutation of liberalism is all about constricting economic and personal rights and forcing individuals into collective boxes where their individuality is subsumed into an easily exploited and manipulated conformist whole. Want to test out this hypothesis? Look through the endless woke tweets of your favorite hack journalist, pinko pol, or Hollywood half-wit, or even go up to some self-described liberal in your own life, and see if you can find one iota of deviation from any of the approved liberal dogma. Good luck. You won’t find a smidgeon of nonconformity. You won’t detect a molecule of dissent. These people are the Borg, if the Borg worked in a giant space coffee house, had Bernie stickers on their spaceships, and could not do a push-up. You can’t reason with them – appealing to reason is futile.

Systemic liberalism is the real poison in America’s veins, not the fanciful notion pushed by bigots, charlatans, and demagogues, that the American enterprise is dedicated to invidious discrimination on the basis of race.

It’s all a lie and a scam.

Only a country so prosperous, so free, and secure could be so frivolous as to indulge an elite that eager to embrace such a manifestly ridiculous conceit. And only academics are dumb enough to come up with it in the first place. If you needed more incentive, beyond its greed and incompetence, to figuratively burn our college and university system to the ground, look no further than the critical race theory nonsense it spawned.

It’s the phrenology of political theories, except dumber and more malicious.

Systemic liberalism infects all aspects of our society, and the society they want will be built upon its leprous foundation. In the government, you have mayors, governors, congressjerks, and senators cheering on political violence. Public property is destroyed and citizens are imperiled and they demand that you disarm and not leave your house without sporting a piehole thong.

Even institutions we thought were solid are wavering. Too many cops kneel or stand back as spectators to the chaos. The military is bombarding the troops with memos from generals competing for victory in the Battle of Woke Island. Sadly, the harassed warriors whose combat training is pushed aside for ever more diversity tail-chasing will look back on that bombardment wistfully when the Red Chinese, who have a serious military, bombard them with actual munitions.

In the courts, we see Hawaiian judges and the double standard that entrapped Mike Flynn. Our FBI is corrupt and unable to find its moral footing. It can’t seem to get around to arresting scumbags pulling down statues but it can spare better than a dozen G-men to sherlock the mystery of a troubling garage door knot. Maybe J. Edgar liked to rock a little black dress, but at least he knew how to lock up crooks.

All of the mainstream media is 100 percent in on systemic liberalism, with the grim conformity of what it covers (and what it covers up) matched only by the grim conformity of the bias it displays. Objectivity? Racist! Free expression? That’s makes us feel unsafe! We now have journalists demanding that people be punished for writing things that are contrary to the approved narrative. Gee, how could that ever go wrong for people who write things for a living? Well, the soft senior men and women running those organizations are finding out, as the young wokes in their newsrooms take over because the old guard is too exhausted to resist.

Our scientists offer scientific findings that inevitably support the liberal narrative. The new scientific method is determining what’s woke and half-heartedly working backwards from there. So, one day we’ll all die if we let our kids play in the park, then the next we hear we’re immune to the pangolin pandemic if our hearts are woke enough. To point out that this is idiocy is to deny science.

In Hollywood, the studios rush to hide what used to be merely bad taste but is now heresy. And our courageous comedians cower, terrified to mock the eminently mockable antics of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the other sects of the left’s semi-organized religion. But hey, those Audie Murphys of America’s stages and screens will never hesitate to take on those Jesus-loving Christians.

Corporations and enterprises like the NFL and NASCAR abandon and spit on their own customers, treating them as racist rubes as the C-suite sissies seek to please their younger second wives and not the people who buy their stuff. You can’t open an email without being reminded that the company that makes your fertilizer is giving part of the cash you spend with it to the Marxist cadre at Black Lives Matter.

In people’s private lives, tiresome acquaintances scold others on social media for failing to post the right nonsense on their Facebook pages. Daughters rebel against whatever it is suburban daughters have to rebel against by announcing on Twitter that they are cutting off their parents because their parents are insufficiently woke (though whether that lasts past daddy cutting off young Ashleigh’s cash remains to be seen). Frigid suburban matrons cruise into their local Starbucks, book cover facing out so everyone knows that they are carrying a copy of White Fragility. It’s the new 50 Shade of Gray, with the same vibe of cringey masochism that helps fill up with their empty lives and lets them feel something, anything. There’s a reason that these people all seem to have weird issues and to be working them out on the rest of us. These people all have weird issues and are working them out on the rest of us.

And it is all based on a lie, just like everything liberals say about Donald Trump and you is a lie.

We don’t need to purge our society of systemic racism because heroes in the past did that for us. From the heroes of Gettysburg to heroes like Medgar Evers (an Army vet of Normandy appropriately buried in Arlington), the blood of patriots washed away the structural racism of the past. What is left today are a few idiots with tiki torches and lots of college professors and New York Times scribblers who thrive upon hating people for where their great-great-great-great grandfathers came from. Those garbage people are the exception, a fringe, and do not reflect America

Sadly, structural liberalism is beginning to. Liberals want an America of terrified conformity, of eternal grievance and hate, where the rights of individuals are crushed if they prove to be an obstacle to liberal rule.

Who wants to punish people for their speech? Liberals.

Who wants to discriminate among people based on their race? Liberals.

And who wants this hate to continue and even grow because they see harnessing it as their means to take perpetual power? Liberals.

It’s past time to smash systemic liberalism. Get ready to be the backlash.