Headline of the Day

With a new wave, or peak, of Chinese coronavirus cases shutting much of the country down again, and news getting out about how it’s younger people being infected, the press is blaming bar-hopping and spring break travel. And in the case of the Washington Post, President Trump’s rally in Arizona, too. Here’s one account from the Washington Post:

Health officials are imploring young people to wear masks and practice social distancing as coronavirus transmission among younger Americans continues to drive record outbreaks in several states.

The pleas come as governors in Texas and Florida instituted new limits on bars and alcohol consumption to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, citing the skyrocketing number of young people who are contracting it. 

Anything to ignore the elephant in the room: raw, undistanced, unprotected, mass protests over the police-brutality death of George Floyd. The Washington Post actually excuses the protests.

Curiously, the new wave of cases among young people now coincides with the waves of unprotected protests and lootings – five-, ten-day incubation periods, meaning the cases were contracted right about when the protests and lootings were going on. Apparently, everyone was out bar-hopping, according to the press reports seen now. Yet the anecdotal evidence is everywhere:



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