Headline of the Day

Cartoon Network — a company that’s on the Traitors of America master list — has gone all-in on degenerate propaganda. They have been pushing the gay agenda down the throats of kids for some time now, and they have no means of letting up. In fact, they’ve become even more bold and brazen in recent times, with their latest tweet promoting pronoun propaganda to kids.

The tweet was published on June 25th, 2020, with plenty of support from the mentally ill people that populate Twitter.

The clip centers around a male character named Angel who apparently suffered some sort of abuse as a child, because he wears a dress and wants to be called “they”, even though there are only two genders.

It should terrify parents that Cartoon Network is promoting child grooming like this, as a sexually confused man is spending time with kids… unsupervised.

Of course, this is all part of the agenda to normalize child grooming. It starts with cultivation inculcation. Essentially the idea is to repeatedly use media culture to hammer home in the minds of kids that being gay is okay and that indulging in LGBTQIA+ culture at a young age is “normal”, even though it’s not normal.

Cartoon Network even changed their logo to reflect the LGBTQIA+BLM culture, to reiterate and hammer home just how much they want your kids to recognize said propaganda.

This is to make it so that when it’s time for the media giants to start promoting the acceptance of MAPs, kids will be comfortable with it, and most parents will be brainwashed or browbeaten into accepting the eventual push for legalizing pedophilia.

In fact, Twitter has already made exceptions for MAPs, as reported by Breitbart.

As for Cartoon Network, they’ve been heading down this route for some time. They’ve been aggressively promoting degeneracy to kids, especially using cartoons like Steven’s Universe.

They also have been aggressively pushing the trans agenda along with Nickelodeon, which finally got some parents to wake up and criticize them for trying to foist sexuality onto children.

But they aren’t the only ones.

Nearly every cartoon out there is constantly peppering young minds with discussions about sexuality. Heck, DuckTales featured a gay couple on Disney Plus, My Little Pony introduced a lesbian horse couple (yes, lesbian horses), and even Clifford The Big Red Dog put a gay couple in the show to promote the gay agenda towards kids.

That’s right, even kids watching PBS aren’t safe, as evident with the gay rat wedding on Arthur.

It’s imperative now more than ever that you watch what your kids are watching, because they are coming for your kids and they will pervert and corrupt an entire generation of society’s youth in order to usher in and normalize their degenerate culture. You can’t stop the media from airing because all of the media corporations have been converged, but you can stop your kids from watching their propaganda.