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When violence erupted in Minneapolis over the death of George Floyd, the local leaders made a startling statement. The governor suggested that foreign actors, including cartel members, were behind much of the widespread destruction. It compelled the state to call in the National Guard. Few in the media have explored the possibility that outside forces are manipulating the ongoing violence. But now we know, the FBI is taking it seriously.

[snip] The fact that the FBI is conduct so many investigations means there’s smoke to this possible fire. Wray said they have 2,000 active investigations. They all trace back to the Chinese government. It’s not at all crazy to think that China is manipulating all these protests—perhaps it was their idea from the start?

China’s not our friend. And they are desperate to distract the world from their responsibility for COVID. They also don’t want Donald Trump re-elected president, as he is the only world leader who will hold China’s feet to the fire. Joe Biden would roll over for them. You can easily connect the dots. China would benefit from widespread riots in the U.S. that extended all the way to election day.

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