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British anti-racism protestors called for the destruction of Egypt’s Giza Pyramids on Sunday, after tearing down a statue of a slave trader in the city of Bristol and throwing it in the Avon river, CNN reported Monday.

The pyramids have been among the most frequently discussed topics in the UK over the past several hours, inspired by controversy over who built them.

Protesters tore down the statue of British slave trader Edward Colston on the second day of protests condemning racism in the UK, part of a response to the killing of George Floyd, an African American man, by a white policeman in the city of Minneapolis, USA.

Colston was responsible for the enslavement and transfer of more than 80,000 people from Africa to the New World in the 17th Century, while working with the Royal African Company, according to CNN.

Some then called for the destruction of the Egyptian pyramids in Giza, claiming that they were also built by slaves…

As the debate in Britain over the demolition of the pyramids raged, foreign archaeologists published a slide depicting records written by the pyramids’ builders, which confirmed that the pyramids were not built by slaves.

UK Home Secretary Priti Patel told SkyNews that toppling the statue of Colston in Bristol was “utterly disgraceful” and “a distraction from the cause in which people are protesting about.”

Meanwhile, earlier on Sunday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that anti-racism protests in his country were “subverted by thuggery.”


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