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I was born at the end of World War II, into the Boomer generation. At that time, there was systemic racism throughout the United States, not just in the South, as some in other parts of the country would have you believe.

The country functioned under laws that divided blacks from all other ethnic groups (even other minorities; Mexicans and Asians were part of white America). My parents’ generation and those who came before them experienced even more injustice than did my generation.

That said, today, what is transpiring is not systemic racism, but rather a skillful manipulation of poorly educated (including some who have college degrees), resentful American blacks, who are oblivious to being used. They are “useful idiots.” Documentation abounds revealing Democrat party complicity in the destruction of the black community, so I will not reiterate those facts here.

One must have lived through systemic racism to know that what we have today is not it, but is rather a sinister, malevolent plan to destroy America as founded.

Much of the current problem with American blacks stems from pathologies introduced into the community by ideological progressives, primarily Democrats.

These pathologies include a dearth of fathers in homes, where children need them; the willingness to kill black children in the womb before they are born; brainwashing that’s pawned off as “education” in school systems; a complete lack of respect and honor for the traditional family and its virtues; an even more complete lack of respect for the law and any of its representatives; and the denial of the same God who enabled our ancestors to endure Hell on Earth, that they might pass on to us later generations the immense potential this nation offers.

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