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“We believe that working people should run both the economy and society democratically to meet human needs, not to make profits for a few.”

— Democratic Socialists of America

The neo-Marxist youth movement today is more confused than ever. Antifa and its comrades have an ugly influence. They seek our college kids and those susceptible to radical ideas. Believing their ideology can give an angry and confused person meaning in life. They’re among the most disturbed young socialists. They claim they’re anti-fascist, but use fascist tactics and violence. Their benefactors’ Marxist rhetoric exposes their cartoonish fraud. They’re communists violently attacking and defending the country from “fascists.” They seem to want the Spanish Civil War, but right here in America.

The Media’s Pet Terrorists

For the most part, they aren’t assaulting fascists, but traditional Americans. We love freedom. The news media makes a huge hype of when they attack a usually much smaller group of neo-Nazis. They call them counter-protesters against a hate group. The truth is that both groups consist of socialist punks.

Looking for trouble is Antifa’s modus operandi. They’re a much more prevalent and openly violent problem today than other radical groups. There isn’t an American flag that they don’t want to tear down or burn up. Why do the mainstream media cover for them?

It seems that those behind the scenes, pulling the kids’ strings, want agitation. It leads to the anarchy that destabilizes the system. They organize amazingly well, then turn up the heat. How do protests pop up in many cities across the country on the same day? The kids hold the same signs and chant the same slogans. Do you think kids who can’t even explain what they believe or why they’re protesting organized it all so well by themselves?

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