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As the June 28th presidential elections quickly approach, Polish President Andrzej Duda has vowed to ban teaching about LGBT issues in the nation’s schools.

The President is an ally of the right-wing Law and Justice Party, which considers LGBT ideology an invasive foreign influence that undermines the nation’s traditional Catholic values.

A few days later, Duda also spoke of LGBT ideology as “more destructive” than communism.

“Parents are responsible for the sexual education of their children. It is not possible for any institutions to interfere in the way parents raise their children,” he told a group of supporters, last Wednesday, Reuters reports.

In 2018, Duda also backed legislation that would have banned homosexual propaganda in schools and youth organizations.

He also pledged that he would not allow gay couples to marry or adopt, calling it a “foreign ideology” that is not accepted by Polish society. Poland does not legally recognize same-sex partnerships, though attitudes are slowly shifting.

Conversely, Duda’s main opponent, the liberal Warsaw Mayor Rafal Trzaskowski, has drawn criticism for introducing education about LGBT matters into Warsaw schools and supports homosexual civil partnerships, but reportedly would not allow them to adopt.

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