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Tulsa Oklahoma experienced looting/vandalism/rock throwing during May 31/June 1 protests.

Here are a few quotes and Tweets by: News Staff Published: May 31, 2020 3:24 PM


Protests move to midtown Tulsa neighborhood, Brookside

Police have had to use tear gas in an attempt to get protesters out of the street in Midtown.

Protesters marched into the late hours of the night and to the midtown Tulsa neighborhood, Brookside.

Police have lined up with shields and batons across from the Quiktrip at 36th and Peoria as they stood across from a large group of people in the road — eventually breaking up that crowd with tear gas.

Around 10 p.m., police say they shot pepper balls into the crowd in an attempt to get to get them to leave.

Police were shouting commands and warnings to the crowd before firing, mostly breaking up the peaceful display they say was unlawful because several people were in the street.

Shortly before 11 p.m., protesters were seen throwing water bottles at police. Police then responded with more pepper balls and tear gas.

FOX23’s article: George Floyd protests: Several Tulsa businesses damaged overnight after crowds shrink

You get the idea. That article was updated June 2nd and still does not contain the word “curfew”.

Tonight, the Mayor of Tulsa invoked a last minute curfew to displace MAGAs who’ve arrived early to wait in line to attend Trump’s rally. Note in the video linked below, one police officer wearing standard issue blue uniform (no riot gear, rubber bullets or tear gas) fearlessly addresses MAGAs re who have been peacefully present for days.


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