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A stupid costume choice at a Halloween party two years ago is front-page news in the newspaper of record in the capital city of the Empire? What on earth? … I read it first with bemusement at the moral panic, and then finally, with horror over what we are doing to ourselves….

Honestly, what kind of white idiot shows up in blackface these days? Granted, this was 2018, but blackface was extremely taboo then. That’s what Schafer’s joke was about: how Megyn Kelly got herself in a world of trouble by suggesting that blackface was not that big a deal.

Anyway, that’s what Schafer did. Partygoers Lexie Gruber (who is Puerto Rican) and Lyric Prince (who is black) confronted her about it. Schafer protested that it was a joke, that she was making fun of Megyn Kelly.

Prince, a young woman who is over six feet tall, at a DC Halloween party hosted by a liberal newspaper cartoonist, felt “unsafe” because this middle-aged woman was wearing blackface. Offended? Sure. Appalled? Absolutely. But unsafe? Bullsh*t.

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