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How sweet to be a Democrat. They seem to think it’s game to engage in despicable acts and dare anyone to hold them accountable. No matter how bold and in your face the act, no matter how crazy the statement or preposterous the proposal (think Green New Deal), they know they will not be seriously questioned or held to account, let alone disciplined. This doesn’t stop them from screaming bloody murder when Republicans engage in the exact same behavior, nor from demanding that the harshest punishments be meted out. In fact, this, too, is part of the game, and it gives them great — and perverse — pleasure.

They can do and say whatever they please, safe in the knowledge that they have the media in their pockets and that most younger people haven’t been taught anything that’s true or that matters and therefore have no way to sort truth from fiction. They know that many — if not most — folks rely solely on emotion, not reason and evidence, to determine what is real and what is fake. They utilize this knowledge and those people in their incessant quest for power at all costs.

President Trump was endlessly savaged for bragging to another guy about how women offer themselves up to powerful men. President Clinton’s popularity soared to unprecedented heights after he admitted having adulterous sexual relations with a young intern in the Oval Office…and lying about it under oath. General Flynn was set up by the FBI and essentially forced into telling a fib and was promptly sentenced to prison time. He lost everything and had his life destroyed. As near as can be told, Hillary Clinton and Adam Schiff have lied about nearly everything…and no one really cares. “Ha, ha, I dare you to hold me responsible.”

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