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The insurrectionist misfits that have taken over part of Seattle and renamed it CHAZ, or CHOP or whatever lame-brained name of the day they have come up with, are now reported to have acquired assault rifles. This is what happens when you have a gutless mayor and a gutless governor. This little anarchist utopia should have been put down days ago.

RT is reporting that the so-called “leader of the pack,” self-declared “warlord” Raz Simone, was shown on video handing out assault rifles apparently to minors. That would be felony in the state of Washington if only the police were actually being permitted to do their job. The video was posted by Simone on his own Facebook page on June 10.

Under Washington state law, anyone between the age of 18 to 21 can only possess a semi-automatic assault rifle or semi-automatic pistol in their place of business, or in their residence. There is also an  exception for traveling “to and from” storage locations for example.

It is not known if such laws are applicable in CHOP, which had declared itself a sovereign entity last week, at least until there was a dumpster fire when they called the Seattle Fire Department for help. In normal times and in a city that had leadership with some intestinal fortitude, they would have told them to go pound sand.

The leftist utopia, kind of like the 2020 version of Woodstock where all is love, peace, drugs and rap [unless you go in there and try to preach apparently], which has borders around it [thought those were bad to leftists] has been defended by left-wing Mayor Jenny Durkan, who has said that the six-block district would resemble a “summer of love.”

Durkan hasn’t done anything to try to gain control of the area

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