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There an evergreen adage in the world of business, politics and entertainment: “Timing is Everything.” It’s a truism that is lost on the now fully radicalized American left and their militant cohorts in their mad dash to exploit the tragic death of George Floyd.

During the Obama presidency, the death of Michael Brown and the subsequent acquittal of Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, as well as the death of Freddie Gray in police custody in Baltimore, engendered riots, looting and violence in those cities. These events demonstrated to the left that the Marxian tactic of exploiting class animosity to foment revolution, which has not succeeded in an essentially egalitarian United States, should be replaced by the fomenting of racial animosity and the exploitation of egregious law enforcement events, which could be the catalyst to launch the fundamental transformation of the nation. These occurrences can trigger, not just local, but national upheaval that can be used to browbeat the citizenry.


In their mad dash to exploit the tragic death of George Floyd, the left and their militant cohorts ignored the advice of their forefathers, Marx and Lenin, who admonished that revolutions take time and patience. Perhaps if they had waited until Donald Trump was no longer in office, there was no recent pandemic lockdown and the occupant of the White House was virtually any Democrat or the typical Republican composite of John McCain, Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski, the radical left would have been far more successful in wringing out dramatic concessions that would move the country markedly left. But, thanks to their lack of patience, the American people now know who these people are and what they stand for which is prompting a brewing albeit silent backlash.

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