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Contact tracing by public health officials is done on newly diagnosed COVID-19 patients to track the spread of the disease. How did they get it, and who did they give it to? It’s a stopgap measure because there isn’t much of a cure for the pandemic.

Now we have this:

Democratic New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio’s “contact tracing team” won’t be allowed to ask COVID-19 patients if they attended a George Floyd protest recently, The City reported.

The “contact tracing team” is tasked with finding an infected patient’s recent contacts and informing them about their exposure to the virus so they can self-isolate. However, the team is not allowed to ask people if they attended one of the many recent demonstrations where thousands of people gathered closely together to protest the death of George Floyd, The City reported.

So much for science and public safety. Of what use is this information gathered if they can’t pin it on an illegal protest gathering or lootfest, with zero social distancing? New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and all his leftist allies in public health have been eager to pin church meetings, barbershop chairs, nursing homes, cruise ships, beauty parlors, spas, bars, and restaurants as key spreading points of contact, and some of these places really have been critical nodes in the spread of the disease. And the pieties flow:

According to WebMD:

“One of the most important steps to take to reopen the economy as safely as possible is to create a system of contact tracing

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