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Oregon City is a mostly dreamy burg near Portland. It sits on picturesque Willamette Falls in God’s Country – Clackamas County, Oregon. Oregon City was the first official city in Oregon where people came to make a life and a living on this lush resource-filled land by the Willamette River.

This is the place where fur trappers, dream seekers and saints came to put down roots after Lewis and Clark sent the word back to President Jefferson to send people. The Conestoga wagon wheel ruts can still be seen in Baker City in Eastern Oregon, on The Oregon Trail, where settlers rode on their way to find Oregon City.

The town has been reenergized by beer halls, kickboxing gyms, wedding venues, coffee shops, and pot stores. Benchmade Knives manufactures its world-renowned blades there.

Mayor Dan Holladay was just reelected in 2018 to his second term as mayor. He grew up in Oregon City, went to high school there, and has dedicated the better part of his adult life to volunteering for the city that he loves. He’s been on ad hoc boards, water boards, the city council, and is now mayor. These days he walks with effort and speaks with a slight slur because an unknown illness has begun to degrade his ability to enunciate.

But there was no missing his points on Sunday night as he calmly turned the tables on the rage mob that set out to get him.

Sunday night, an emergency meeting was called by three council members. The agenda said it was a “Discussion of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Oregon City.” The not-so-hidden agenda was Holladay and his social media postings and responses, which insufficiently woke for the rage mob, Black Lives Matter, and their mostly white allies in the Portland area.

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