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Just look at what the Democratic Party can accomplish when it doesn’t have official power.

It managed to turn Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and Barack Obama’s spying scandal into a Trump-Russia scandal. It managed to turn Joe Biden’s Ukraine bribery scandal into a Trump impeachment. It lost control of the Executive Branch in 2016 but managed to create in Robert Mueller’s special counsel an executive authority above the president’s. It lost the Obamacare referendum that same year but remained sufficiently allied with John McCain to preserve its socialist legacy. It lost all legislative authority to prevent Congress from investigating the greatest political scandal in our nation’s often scandalous history — Barack Obama’s use of our intelligence and police forces first to spy on the Trump campaign and then to subvert the peaceful transition of power by conducting a civil servant coup d’état — but succeeded in convincing Paul Ryan not to issue a single congressional subpoena in pursuit of the truth, constraining the Senate’s Judiciary Committee from ever holding the perpetrators’ feet to the fire until now, and keeping such de facto control over the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that Democrat Mark Warner seemed at all times to have one hand secured around Republican Richard Burr’s spine. The whole country has witnessed the highest levels of our government working to overthrow a legitimately elected president, but some retired generals and retired judges and partisan journalists and activist academics see the president as the real threat to our republic anyway.

The Democrats control almost every troubled city in America. They have dominated city governments for fifty to a hundred years. Democratic Party mayors and city councils maintain near total control over the directions of their municipal police forces and the ways their substantial tax revenues are used.

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