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George Will’s a funny guy. He is willing to aid our ideological foes for our own good. He will teach us how wrong we’ve been to support President Trump by facilitating Marxist socialism’s stranglehold on what’s left of America’s Constitution. After fighting for Democrats to win everything this November, he will turn around and help us rebuild a Republican Party in his image for the miserable decades to come.

When we voted for Donald Trump in 2016, weren’t we rebelling against not only Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, but also the shriveled and putrid corpse of a Grand Old Party that had long since given up being grand while doubling its daily dosage of everything staid and old? Twenty sixteen was a repudiation of the whole political system, including the dainty, impotent brand of conservatism that George Will has spent a lifetime peddling while the hard socialism he pretended to fight grew thicker and more resilient with each passing year.

He misdiagnosed what Republican voters wanted in 2016. He has spent four years actively working against us. Now he believes that his conservative creed — one that insists we retreat from the ideological field of battle while preserving the institutional integrity of whatever new monstrosities the socialists erect in the name of America — should pick up just where it left off before Donald Trump knocked him off his stool, stuck a wet finger in his ear, and gave him a long overdue wedgie.

Everything Will has written since the end of 2015 falls into one of three categories: (1) Donald Trump is not a traditional conservative (yep!); (2) it is so important to conserve conservatism that we must elect Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and the Marxist Millennials taking up Bernie Sanders’s mantle (huh?); and

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