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Only a fool, or a puppet, is blind to the realities of left-wing rage, hatred, and violence. The media tell us that rioters — “protesters” — are peaceful while business are looted, property vandalized, and statues desecrated. The destruction of America, the historic America, is precisely what the left wishes to accomplish. Only a burning and fiery purgation will suffice to wash away the past crimes of the nation and white Americans in particular.

Having been a graduate student at Yale, I saw firsthand the next managerial class and their acidic ideology from their own mouths. After the 2016 election, they cried but also furiously condemned Trump as a “fascist” and said anyone who supported him was a “fascist” or “racist.” While it is true that logical argumentation and philosophical rigidity are not the forte of the left, people who pillory the leftists for emotional tantrums and shouting down opposite views miss the point. Rage fills the empty souls of leftists, and no amount of logic will change that fact.

What leftists want is not truth, facts, or logic, but the complete incineration of the people they despise and the institutions they claim propagate oppression and exploitation. This is not a new phenomenon that arose in the 1960s or the 1980s, as conventional wisdom often says. It goes far beyond that.

Leo Marx, a well-respected cultural and literary scholar, wrote of his time in university during the 1930s as being dominated by “partisans of the Left.” As he writes, “[m]any of our teachers were partisans of the Left during those years. At my first meeting with Daniel Boorstin, my sophomore-year tutor, he felt obliged to warn me that he was a member of the Communist Party.

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