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A church that served the local community for years found its lease canceled this week. Had the pastor been accused of sexually assaulting someone or embezzling funds? Had the church preached a message of true hate or intolerance? No, the city revoked the church’s lease because the pastor had committed the heinous sin of “liking” tweets exposing Democrat hypocrisy. Among others, he had “liked” a tweet daring to criticize His Holiness Barack Obama for golfing when his wife, Michelle, urged members of the black community to stay home to stop the spread of the coronavirus (yes, this happened).

There was simply no other remedy. The Housing Authority of the Birmingham District Board of Commissioners just had to revoke the lease of the Church of the Highlands. It’s not like the pastor had apologized for his heinous sin or preached a sermon condemning racism, or anything. Oh wait, he did both? Well, apparently that’s immaterial.

The Housing Authority terminated its partnership with the Church of the Highlands on Monday, claiming a disagreement with the “views” of Pastor Chris Hodges, reported. In doing so, the authority severed an agreement dating back to 2017 which allowed the church to provide resident outreach programs and social services at its Campus of Hope in the Marks Village Public Housing community. The Campus of Hope provided mentoring, community support groups, and faith and social service activities that promote volunteerism. Church of the Highlands (COTH) provided these services at nine of the housing authority’s public housing communities. noted that “HABD did not pay COTH for their services. The vote to cancel the memorandum with COTH will also end services provided by The Dream Center and Christ Health Center, which are ministries within the COTH.”

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