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Mayors and governors across the land have run to the cameras and microphones to be among the first to kneel in supplication to the riotous mobs in the streets.

…Garcetti discussed his “defunding the police” plan of reducing the police funding by $150 million and moving another $100 million from other city budgetary priorities to hand over to the mobs for special placative programs.

Toward the end of a short speech, Garcetti outlined eight ways LA has already changed up the way cops operate. He lobbed bombs against President Trump, calling him a “political pyromaniac.” He repeated provable lies about how the Park Police used tear gas to clear a path so that Trump could get a photo op with a Bible – a shot that was met with nods of approval, Garcetti said:

I’ve gotten calls from all over the country from mayors who say I’m so excited to others saying what the hell did you do, now I’ve gotta shift money. That’s exactly the point. It starts someplace and we say we are going to be who we want to be or we are going to continue to be the killers that we are.

His libel against LA cops was met with “Amens!”

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