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Many Americans understand that the riots aren’t righteous protests but are, instead, leftist activism aimed at destabilizing America and (the activists hope) destroying Trump’s chance at reelection. Still, people found shocking a video showing police in Buffalo pushing an old man to the ground where he lay with blood pouring from his ear. Don’t believe everything you see, though. The old man was a leftist activist looking for trouble and may have staged the whole thing.

If one views the video in a vacuum, it’s awful. A frail-looking old man standing alone against the Buffalo police is brutally pushed to the ground and left to lie there, bleeding:

When leftists control the narrative, though, assume that what you’re seeing is a lie. It took a little while for the truth to emerge, but we now know that Martin Gugino is a hard-left activist. In his Twitter feed, he says “F*** the police,” longs for Chicago, circa 1968, where the leftists violently rioted, supports Palestinian activism, and retweets theories that “undercover cops” are responsible for Minneapolis’s violent riots. Buffalo’s mayor, Byron Brown, said Gugino was an “agitator” whom the police had repeatedly asked to leave the area for trying to incite the crowd.

Footage has emerged showing Gugino hanging around with activists and boasting that he’s looking “for fun.” The shocked young man to whom he confided this said, “I think he’s looking to get punched in the face. That’s what it is.”

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