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The team of Sen. Martha McSally (R-AZ) is crying foul as the New York Times blocks her book from appearing on its bestseller list while the senator is up for re-election despite having sold more copies than other books on the list.

McSally’s latest book Dare to Fly: Simple Lessons in Never Giving Up, sold, according to the publisher Harper Collins, 10,000 hardcover copies, 400 e-books, and 300 digital audiobooks. That is significantly more than the Times’ lowest-ranked book on its top 15 nonfiction bestsellers list, My Vanishing Country written by CNN contributor and Democrat Bakari Sellers and published by Amistad. Sellers’ book sold 2,200 copies, per BookScan data as reported by Harper Collins. The highest-ranking book on the list, Untamed by activist Glennon Doyle, sold 38,100 copies.

But the fact that McSally’s book, according to BookScan sales data collected by Nielsen and reported by Harper Collins, sold nearly five times as many as the lowest-ranked book on the newspaper’s bestseller list and somehow did not make the cut has the senator’s team raising concerns of “political bias.”

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